Product overview

Keith & Koep introduces powerful and compact touchpanel PCs with the i-PAN touchscreen computers. They are available in different sizes and configurations. E.g. the device can be used as a HMI industrial PC for controlling, data collection and processing, navigation, or as a simple panel for output of images and sound. Depending on the version, Microsoft Windows CE, Embedded Compact 7 and Android / Linux operating systems are available.

At the Embedded World 2017 we presented new i-PAN HMI for Trizeps VII and Myon I. More information...


iPan_X7_LC_Front_405x320Px.png Glass Touch Panel Computer with build-in housing

This ready-to-install touchpanel is equipped with a 7.0 inch projected capacitive touch display. The display is bonded behind a anti-reflective 2 mm mineral glass plate using an optical bonding process. This ensures an optimal touch functionality and an uniform appearance. The front of the touchpanel is splash water and dust protected according to protection class IP 65. The system is based on the Trizeps VII SODIMM 200 CPU module and is equipped with a powerful NXP i.MX 6 processor. It can be ordered as Solo or DualLite. With the Trizeps VII, the unit is as suitable for multimedia, multitouch and multidisplay applications as it is for demanding control tasks.

i-PAN7  /  i-PAN10

i-PAN7-Front-sheet-metal-constr-350x315Px.png Compact Touch Panel Computer with metal assembly frame

These 7.0 and 10.1 inch touchscreen solutions are powerful and complete touchpanel PCs. With there compact, flat metal frame, the i-PAN7 and the i-PAN10 are designed for quick and simple integration in an existing frame and functional enhancement such as an industrial HMI. For the i-PAN7 are 7.0 inch resistive and capacitive touch displays available, for the i-PAN10 a 10.1 inch display with capacitive touch. Both devices are based on SODIMM 200 module technology and can be equipped with a suitable Trizeps CPU module, depending on the processor performance required.


iPan5_Front_405x320Px.png Modularly designed Touchpanel Computer

This touchpanel system has a modular design and can be equipped with various electronic components and LCD displays (resistive or capacitive, 5.0 or 7.0 inch, other sizes on request). The individual components are available separately or as assembly units and serve as a basis for integration in customer-specific units. The i-PAN5 is based on SODIMM 200 module technology and is available with Trizeps VII i.MX6 CPU modules.


iPan_4_Front_405x320Px.png Intelligent Touch Panel with NXP i.MX 28 processor

The i-PAN4 is a new type of a "DOM" (Display On Module) device. The intelligent Touchpanel is ready to run operating systems like Microsoft Windows Embedded CE and Compact 7. The board is based on the NXP i.MX 28 processor and comes with different connectivity options combined with a TFT-display (4.3" with 480 x 272 px or 7.0" with 800 x 480 px) optionally with capacitive or resistive touch. The panel is designed for a quick and simple integration in customized equipments. Easy expandability is possible through a 40 pin header or 230 pin MXM edge connector.