i.MX 6 carrierboard with Trizeps SODIMM 200 technology



Compatible Trizeps SODIMM-200 modules

Trizeps VII with i.MX 6 Quad, Dual, DualLite, Solo, SoloX (Trizeps IV-M, IV-WL, V, VI and MX28 on request)


Display Interfaces:    LCD 18 Bit RGB, 5,0", 7,0" TFT-Display 800 x 480, 5,7" TFT-Display 640 x 480, Touch resistive and capacitive, HDMI v1.4 WUXGA, Dual-LVDS WUXGA (4,3" on request)

Features: USB2.0 Host, USB2.0 OTG, μSD Card Socket, RJ45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, RS232 D-Sub 9, CAN RS485 D-Sub 9, Realtime Clock with Backup Cap or battery, LED, 3-Axis 12-bit/8-bit Digital Accelerometer, Reset, Audio LDO, Temp. Sensor, RGB Display, SATA II connector, FX11 high-speed board to board connector

Wireless Communication

Trizeps VII option: Onboard WLAN and Bluetooth module, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/e/i/h/d/k/r/w, +18 dBm, 72 Mbps (20 MHz) and up to 150 Mbps (40 MHz), Bluetooth 3.0+ EDR


Extension Connector: SL2-40 2.54mm Pin header

Extension interfaces: SL2-40 Power, GPIOs (1x with PWM), SPDIF (Out and In), stereo Headphone (16R and 32R), Speaker (Mono, 8R), LineIn, Microphone, 2 x UARTs, 2x CAN, SDIO, I2C, 3 x ADCs

General Details

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7, 2013 / Android JB 4.2.2 - 1.1.0 ASOP, Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Voltage Supply: Industrial +12 up to +24V supply, low cost +5V direct supply (optional)

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +85°C industrial

Board Dimensions: 118.5 x 77.6 x 23.4 mm

Environmental Standard: RoHS, REACH, WEEE

Availability: 10 years form, function*

Order codes: 38 102.TPR (for resistive touch displays) /
38 102.TPC (for capacitive touch displays)

Technical modifications reserved, errors excepted
*beginning product life circle

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