Intelligent 7.0" Touch Panel — Low Cost Extended version (LC-E)

Based on Trizeps SODIMM-200 CPU Modules



  • Compact and scalable industrial flat touchscreen computer, PanelPC solution 
  • 7.0" res./cap. Touchscreen LCD
  • Small metal housing with mounting possibilities for a quick and simple integration
  • Wireless communication via Trizeps WiFi and Bluetooth (on request)
  • Peripherals: direct access through multipole extension header

Kompatibel mit

Trizeps VII

NXP i.MX 6 SODIMM-200 CPU-Module
Trizeps VI

Marvell PXA168 SODIMM-200 CPU-Module
Trizeps IV-M

Marvell PXA270M SODIMM-200 CPU-Module
Trizeps IV-WL

Marvell PXA270M SODIMM-200 CPU-Module
i-PAN7 Versionen