Trizeps MX28

Very compact entry-level CPU module with i.MX28

Trizeps MX28_Front_OG_550x200Px.png

Trizeps MX28_Back_OG_550x200Px.png


Low Power NXP i.MX 28x CPU, 454MHz (before Freescale)

Options: i.MX 287, i.MX 283

RAM Memory


Options: 128 MB (256 MB on request)

Flash Storage

Onboard 4 Bit wide μSD Socket, onboard NAND-Flash (on request)

Options: μSD Socket for Cards up to 32 GB, NAND-Flash-Type: 512MB (on request)

Onboard Features

Display Interfaces: LCD 24 Bit RGB (WVGA: 800x480)

Interfaces: USB2.0 Host and OTG, 2x FlexCAN, RTC, SPDIF, Adress-Data-Bus, 5x UARTs, 4 x SSP (Synchronous Serial Port), 2x I2C, 2x SPI, GPIOs, 2x PWMs

Ethernet: Onboard 10/100 Mbit RMII PHY and second 10/100 Mbit interface

Audio Codec: i2S Audio Codec SGTL5000 with 4 wires res. Touch, 4x 32-bit timers and rotary decoder, 8 General Purpose 12-bit ADC channels and single 2 Msps ADC channel

Power: High-Eff. PMU with on-chip DC/DC, supports Li-Ion batteries incl. charging

SODIMM200 Card Edge Connector: Pin compatible to Trizeps III, IV, IV-M, IV-WL, V and VI CPU modules

General Details

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3, Compact 7, Linux on request

Voltage Supply: +3V3 DC (5V on request)

Operating Temperature: -40°C ... +85°C industrial (Temperature sensor for thermal protection)

Board Dimensions: 67.6 x 25.0 x 6.4 mm (incl. μSD Socket)

Environmental Standard: RoHS, REACH, WEEE

Availability: 10 years form, function*

Technical modifications reserved, errors excepted
*beginning product life circle