Trizeps VII

High-performance i.MX6 CPU module with compact dimensions

In a tight space the Trizeps VII provides almost the full performance potential and entire interface variety of the NXP i.MX6 processor. Nearly all connection pins of the processor have functions assigned to them and can be accessed via PinMUX and equipment options. That makes the Trizeps VII one of the world's most variable and compact i.MX6 CPU modules.

Freescale i.MX6 CPU module
Freescale i.MX6 CPU module


NXP i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 (before Freescale), MP-CPU, 800 MHz up to 1.0 GHz per Core, 1 MB L2 Cache

Options: Quad (Q), Dual (D), DualLite (U) and Solo (S)

RAM Memory

4 x 16 Bit DDR3-1066 (533 MHz), 64 Bit 1 CS

Options: 256 MByte up to 2 GByte, 64 Bit

Flash Storage

Onboard 4 Bit wide μSD Socket (standard) or onboard 8 Bit wide eMMC (on request) – not all available at the same time

Additional assembly option on request: Onboard SPI NOR Flash

Options: μSD 4 GB (up to 32 GB) – eMMC-Type: 4 GB (up to 64 GB) – NOR Flash up to 512 Mbit

Wireless Communication

Onboard WiFi-Bluetooth module, fits four different Lesswire module types (optional)

Options: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/e/i/h/d/k/r/w, +18 dBm, 72 Mbps (20 MHz) and up to 150 Mbps (40 MHz), Bluetooth 3.0+ EDR

Onboard Features

Display Interfaces: HDMI v1.4, 2 x LVDS, LCD 24 Bit RGB, MIPI (supports 3D, 4k x 2k and 2 x 1080p Displays)

Interfaces: USB 2.0 Host and OTG, 2 x FlexCAN, S-ATAII, PCIe, 2 x 4 Bit wide SDIO, RTC, SPDIF, Adress-Data-Bus, 3 x UARTs, 2 x I2C, 2 x SPI, GPIOs, 2 x PWMs

Ethernet: Onboard 10/100 Mbit RMII PHY and 10/100/1000 Mbit RGMII interface (can not be used at the same time)

Extension Connector: Additional FX11 60pol. high-speed board to board connector

Camera Interfaces: 8bit parallel camera and MIPI serial camera (supports 2 x cameras at the same time)

Audio Codec: AC´97 Audio Codec with 4/5 wires res. Touch and 4 x 12 Bit ADC (2 x comparator inputs for battery monitoring), Stereo: Line-in, Mic-in, Speaker-out, Headphone out

Power: High-Eff. PMIC with single supply controlled by I2C

SODIMM200 Card Edge Connector: Pin compatible to Trizeps IV, IV-M, IV-WL, V and VI CPU modules

General Details

System Software: E-Boot, U-Boot, Barebox, UEFI / Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows Embedded Compact 7, 2013 – Linux Kernel 3.035, 4.1, 4.4 – Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, LXDE, Yocto – Android 4.2.2, 6.0

Voltage Supply: +3V3 DC

Operating Temperature: -40°C bis +85°C (industrial), -20°C bis +85°C (extended consumer)

Board Dimensions: 67.6 x 36.7 x 6.4 mm (incl. μSD Socket)

Environmental Standard: RoHS, REACH, WEEE

Availability: 10 years form, fit, function*

Technical modifications reserved, errors excepted
*beginning product life circle

Compatible with

i-PAN T7

Compact 7.0" Touch Panel Computer with assembly frame
i-PAN T7 CoverLens

Modular 7.0" Touch Panel Computer
i-PAN T10 CoverLens

Modular 10.1" Touch Panel Computer

Compact and flat 7.0" Touch Panel Computer with assembly frame

7.0" Build-in Touch Panel Computer
i-PAN XT-Pro 10

10.1" Build-in Touch Panel Computer

Compact Trizeps SODIMM 200 Baseboard

Very multifunctional Trizeps VII SODIMM 200 Baseboard

Compact and scalable Trizeps VII SODIMM 200 Baseboard
Trizeps VII SX

NXP i.MX 6SoloX SODIMM 200 CPU module
Trizeps VIII Mini

NXP i.MX 8M Mini SODIMM 200 CPU module
Trizeps VIII Plus

NXP i.MX 8M Plus SODIMM 200 CPU module (soon available)
Trizeps VIII Nano

NXP i.MX 8M Nano SODIMM 200 CPU module
Trizeps VIII

NXP i.MX 8M SODIMM 200 CPU module
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